Who We Are

We provide full interior design services, access to products that complements every designs, beddings art, wall and floor finishes, hard and soft finishes, window treatments and consultancy services.

We provide interior services to residential, commercial & corporate clients. Our services range from interior design consultation, space management, space planning, renovation, supply and installation of interior wares and furnishing, cleaning service etc.
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SpaceMenders focuses on providing Interior designs, styling services and consultancy services.

Space Planning

The soul duty of our space management team is to determine what the space is needed for, how a space should be used and laid out to soothe the need of our clients.

Full Interior Design

The focal point of our service is to renovate and decorate our clients space by providing everything needed to achieve a full interior design, from consulting and selecting…


we provide consultations to clients and work hand in hand with architects and surveyors in order to follow blueprints and designs to remodel buildings successfully.


Hiring a professional painting service is peak for every construction work; it’s why we make it an integral part of our business to give our client value for their money.


We provide wall partitioning of various sorts for residential, commercial and corporate purposes. We cater for our clients’ desire for a private and cozy space at home, …


we offer a variety of professional flooring services from floor finishes to floor care and maintenance; and windows treatment for commercial, residential and corporate clients.

Our Projects

Interior Design is making the best possible use of the Available Space.

Oluwafunmilayo E. Asere Olalere



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